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Mikala Kim Francisco

Dancing subtle life streams,
sharing beautiful dreams,
arise, Dragonfly, arise!

Sharing gifts of poetry, song, photography, and the Language of Light, Mikala uplifts and nurtures hearts with the remembrance of our divine nature

and welcomes us Home to Love!

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A Celebration of Love

Mikala weaves her poetry, stories, sound healing meditation, and group songs into an uplifting, soulful experience to honor our transformations, offering fresh inspiration and hope for life’s unfolding journey. Book now!



Poetic Wisdom

Mikala hones her mystical insight and years of digested life experience into impactful poetic transmissions. Illustrated by her photography, Mikala's artistry infuses a deep appreciation for the soul's journey of remembering the strength and Beauty of our divine nature.


Sacred Songs from Home

Whether singing spontaneously in the ethereal Language of Light or sharing uplifting group songs, Mikala’s music fans the flame of our Divine connection with fresh inspiration and empowerment.

Book now!


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Award Winning Photography

With the simplicity of her smartphone, Mikala captures spontaneous moments in nature when her heart is awed by the magic and sacredness of life. Her passion for photography fuels the desire to be still in silent wonder and revere Beauty everywhere.

"Mikala's poetry, music, and meditations lead the listener on a thought-provoking journey through life's heartaches, challenges, and triumphs. Her spirit is healing and uplifting, her work transformative and inspiring." Sharon R, St. Augustine, FL.

"Mikala is a messenger here to activate us to share our gifts during this crucial moment of our evolution, a shaman for our time. Thank you, Mikala, for your commitment to love, for calling me and all you come in contact with to their knowing place of truth."

Sharon Q., Jacksonville, FL.

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