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“Light makes photography. Embrace light.”  

George Eastman

Welcome to Mikala’s Portfolio!


A midwesterner turned into a longtime Florida resident now settling in the majesty of the mountains, Mikala’s deep connection with nature fuels her passion for love and life. Captivated by the beauty of the world and with the simplicity and availability of her smartphone, Mikala’s photography inspires the joy of simply being aware and appreciating what’s before us with wonder.


Her photography received a first and second-place award at the 2021 Virginia Highlands Festival, and she was a featured artist in Artsy Shark’s July 2021 online magazine. Enjoy browsing Mikala’s portfolio. Her favorites and most popular images are available for purchase in various sizes and mediums! 


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Waking Up.png


Eveningtide with Horses.png

Flowers & Trees



Open to the Light.png


Rustic Entry_edited.jpg

B&W, Abstract & Collage Art

Mystical Marsh.png
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