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We are slowed down sound and light waves,
a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos.
We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments
and our bodies are the instrum
ents through which
our souls play their music.

Albert Einstein

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Intoxicated by Love

Led by the power of the drumbeat and sacred chant or the

uplifting synergy of group songs, Mikala’s music rekindles the joy

of remembering who we are! 


In 1976, Mikala had a profound mystical experience ushering her on a shamanic path with the ability to hear and feel subtle realms. Unfamiliar yet strangely familiar utterances began flowing from her heart, evolving into beautiful, spontaneous melodies. Her great joy is sharing these divinely encoded messages of unconditional love in the universal, sacred Language of Light.

Whether a thirty-minute personal soul activation session or a sixty-minute group immersion, Mikala's celestial, ancestral music instills high-energy states of pure sound vibration, bathing your heart and enlivening your connection with the Source of Being. Contact Mikala to schedule a Language of Light Group Immersion or a Language of Light Soul Activation session.

Listen to the ancient songs, the Light Language of the stars, 

this subtle resonance of Spirit reminds us of who we are!

Personal, universal, grounding, expansive,

and Spirit-infused music enlivens

the very core of who we are!

“I got goosebumps listening to this! Magical!" Liz P.

"Transforming and deeply spiritual experience.

Too special for words."  Ian C.

Led by the power of the drumbeat, 

we release what no longer serves, 

and with intention and in harmony 

with the earth, we envision a new future. 

A sacred time to gather and shift together!

"Kim's energy is contagious and her meditations are powerful. Her openness and gifts have allowed me to confidently dive more deeply in search of my higher self."  Gina M.


"Kim’s unique sound meditations and her loving, motherly light, opened deep places within my being. Her music is a channel of awakening energy.” Christian S.


“Kim’s sound meditations exposed me to dimensions of life I’ve ignored for a long time.  She is a deeply intuitive, inspiring person who has expanded my horizons and helped me open to new possibilities.”  Melissa G.

Singing together brings sheer joy and healing benefits! These simple, uplifting songs came to Mikala to share so we grow in connection, possibility, and belonging.


Contact her to host an event of music with a Language of Light Sound Bath and group singing.

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